Superheroes are everywhere in our world – cartoons, comic books, movies. Five superhero movies are being released in 2019. There will probably be even more, but these are sure to be the best since they are from Marvel and DC Comics! We’ve gotten to know the superheroes on the big screen. From Iron Man, Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy to Thor, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman; Superheros are everywhere. They started in comic books and then jumped to the movie screen, where we learn all about their stories and how they became superheroes. 

This summer, we’re going to learn about another superhero. Well, he was a different kind of superhero. He didn’t have a huge hammer that only he could lift and throw around. He couldn’t swim underwater really fast for hours without an air tank. He couldn’t even fly. 

Still, some might have considered him a superhero of his time. His name was Paul. This summer, we’re going to take a look at the life of Paul and all of the incredible things he did to make sure that everyone he met knew about Jesus.

Paul had quite a few adventures. He was blinded on the side of the road, shipwrecked on an island and thrown into prison; but in the middle of it all, he jumped. Paul took a leap of faith and believed in Jesus through every adventure he faced, no matter how scary or dangerous. 

Now it’s our turn to JUMP. We get to make the leap to follow Jesus and tell others about Him and His love wherever we go. Just like this summer’s superhero Paul, we get to JUMP no matter what the adventure might be!