Rock This Planet


Jesus has a way of doing extra-ordinary things with ordinary people.
It was not unusual for Him to take something small and do something big.

He turned water into wine.
He used a handful of dirt to heal a blind man.
He took a boy's lunch and fed 5000 people.
He chose a fisherman, named Peter to help Him build His church.

What was the secret that unleashed Peter to think that he could rock this planet? What was it that made Peter

respond to Jesus with the words, "You are the Son of the Living God"? Whatever it was, Jesus saw the potential

of Peter's faith and decided to do something really big with it. Jesus said, "You are Peter". By the way, Peter

means "a little rock or pebble".

So Jesus did it again. He used “a little rock” to start a ripple effect that would change the world. In the story of

Peter, every kid can discover how God wants to do amazing things with and in anyone who follows Jesus.

Don't be surprised this summer if you see God start something big with someone who may seem small.