What makes you move?
Pizza. (To the buffet line. )
An SEC Football Championship game. (Might make you hoarse, too.)

This summer, Camp KidJam dives into the lives of some people who were moved, not by something—but by SOMEONE. When these individuals met Jesus face to face and discovered who He was, their lives took a drastic turn.

// The Shepherds ran out to tell everyone they’d met the Messiah.
// John the Baptist drew crowds into the desert as he spoke about Jesus.
// The disciples dropped everything to follow Jesus.
// Zacchaeus scrambled up a tree to see Jesus—then vowed to pay back every penny to the people he’d cheated.
// And when Nicodemus snuck out to see Jesus, his whole world flipped upside down.

When we meet Jesus—we move, too.
He turns our way of life inside out.
He moves us to live for Him and the people around us instead of just ourselves.

// Love God, love others: that’s the message of Jesus. //

Movin’ Me challenges us to discover more about Jesus and allow His love to change our hearts forever. It encourages us to share that love with friends and family as we allow Jesus to move us in His direction.

Ready to make your move? Join Camp KidJam this summer… for Movin’ Me!